‘Rayman Legends’ Multiplayer Video Shows Us That He Knows Kung Foot [Video]

Rayman Legends has a new multiplayer video showing us that our plucky hero with no limbs knows Kung Foot.

Rayman is one of those mascots that instantly grabbed our attention when we realized he had no limbs. His hands, feet, and even his head just kind of float in place and do their job. Ubisoft has gone out of their way to make the character as versatile as possible, even centering a few games and a TV show around spinoff characters called Rabbids, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

It might simply be coincidence, but the recent film Despicable Me 2 has even shown the influence of the Rabbids from Rayman, as when the Minions go crazy, they start acting a lot like Rabbids.

In Rayman Legends, it looks like the titular hero is back in charge on the Wii U, and soon other consoles as well. Featuring the fast pace of Rayman Origins, the game also features a multiplayer mode called Kung Foot. It’s not a fighting game as you probably imagined, but it may be just as fun.

Kung Foot is a soccer-based mode (football everywhere outside the US, hence the word Foot) that’s simple to play and extremely enjoyable. The goal seems to be an elevated tent, and characters as big as the ball itself try to smack it in the direction of their goal, or smack other players out of the way.

The video for Rayman Legends multiplayer Kung Foot is in French, so we suggest turning on English captions.

The game design environment seems to be very laid back, with a Ping Pong table right outside. The designers are very relaxed as they go about their work at what appear to be three monitor stations.

The online multiplayer of Kung Foot would really keep everyone competitive as they see how quickly they can score goals against other people, and there is plenty of airborne flare.

What do you think of the multiplayer video of Rayman Legends Kung Foot?

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