Lance Bass Engaged? 'N Sync Singer Proposes To Michael Turchin

Lance Bass is reportedly engaged to his long-time boyfriend Michael Turchin.

Following his appearance with the other members of 'N Sync at the MTV Video Music Awards a week ago, the singer has something else to celebrate. Bass and Turchin are preparing to venture into the world of wedded bliss.

"He said yes! Love this man," Lance Bass wrote on Instagram. He shared a photo of the engagement ring he recently gave his fiance.

Dirty Pop co-host and writer Drew Pokorny told People that Lance Bass and Michael Turchin spent the holiday weekend together in New Orleans. It was there that the singer popped the question to his boyfriend.

"They're so great together. I'm completely thrilled for them. Lance had his heart set on asking Michael here in New Orleans and celebrated with some of his closest friends from Mississippi and L.A. who came in for the weekend," Pokorny told the publication.

According to Us Magazine, Bass and Turchin have been dating since December of 2011. The singer was previously linked to Amazing Race winner Reichen Lehmkuhlin, hairdresser Ben Thigpen, and model Pedro Andrade.

"They're such a great couple, everyone is so happy for them. Their friends and family are thrilled," another source recently told the website.

The 'N Sync member tweeted towards the end of August that he was excited about performing with the group as an "out entertainer." Bass explained that he was thinking about Turchin the entire time.

Here's the tweet Turchin postetd following engagement.

Although Lance Bass will likely stay pretty busy preparing his wedding, he also has his hands full with a number of upcoming projects. The Inquisitr previously reported that Bass will serve as executive producer on the religious brainwashing documentary Kidnapped for Christ.

"It is important for these hidden stories to be told. The world needs to see how damaging places like this can be to our youth," he said in a recent statement.

Congratulations to Lance Bass and Michael Turchin on their recent engagement!

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