Johnny Depp Agrees To ‘Open Relationship’ With Amber Heard

Johnny Depp has been in a relationship with actress, Amber Heard, for roughly 14 months.

The star of All the Boys Love Mandy Lane self-proclaims that she is bisexual and the couple have reportedly made a pact which allows Amber to see and have relationships with other woman.

Of course, there is a condition imposed by Depp for being so gracious and accepting of Amber’s sexual orientation. That condition is simply that she must be completely open with him about anything she does with other woman.

An inside source told British magazine Look: “Johnny always knew this aspect of her life was important and he says as long as she makes it clear he’s her number one, she can do whatever she likes. It’s liberating for both of them. They are both very honest and open with each other and this pact has just made them stronger as a couple.”

Amber has always been very open about her sexuality, saying that she never wants to define herself in conventional terms. The source also spoke about Amber’s honesty with Johnny Depp:

“Amber’s always been honest with Johnny and told him from the start that she can’t change who she is, and that she’ll always be interested in women as well as men. He has now promised her it’s fine if she has someone on the side, as long as they’re the same sex.”

In the dating pact between Depp and Amber, as mentioned, she is allowed to date woman. There are no reports yet that Johnny is allowed to go date other woman, or men for that matter.

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