International Bacon Day: Did You Know It Was Today?

Today, International Bacon Day is taking America by storm. Well, at least it is for those who are lovers of the crispy smoked pork which is usually eaten for breakfast.

There are two festivals that we know of, but there dare say a few more happening this Labor day weekend. As American’s take time off to reflect on what Labor day really means to them (yea right!), many who work hard for their money may choose to wake up late this weekend. When they do, nothing beats some home cooked smokey bacon to get the Labor day festivities started.

The National Hog Farmers Blog says that there will be a Bacon Day festival on the West Coast, where hungry people will be paying $60 for an all you can eat bacon extravaganza.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, on the East Coast, bacon lovers will be flocking in their droves to Baconfest VA in Roanoke. There they can expect to pay $50 to eat as much swine as their heart’s desire.

If you only just found out, from reading this article, that today is, in fact, International Bacon Day, it’s okay. Just in case you didn’t stock up on bacon, and frankly have better things to do this Labor Day weekend, there is another bacon day, later in the year.

The Iowa State University will be hosting a bacon expo on October 19, where, the organizers say, vendors will be dishing out lots and lots of bacon samples. The event is alcohol free and is meant to be a place for bacon enthusiasts to come together and, um, eat bacon.

The only thing that isn’t yet clear is why it’s being called “International Bacon Day“? As far as our sources tell us, the bacon festivities are pretty limited and no-one really cares enough to make a day out of it.

Do you have any knowledge of bacon day events happening anywhere else in the world? If you do, please share in the comments feed below.