New Delhi Gang Rape: Teen Sentenced To Three Years

A New Delhi gang rape suspect was sentenced to three years in juvenile detention. The teen is one of six men accused of raping and fatally beating a 23-year-old student.

The student and a male companion were lured onto a New Delhi bus on December 16. The male was beaten while the six men took turns raping and beating the woman.

As reported by Reuters, the 18-year-old was given the maximum juvenile penalty for the crime. He was 17-years-old when the rape and beating occurred.

The teen was charged with 13 counts, including robbery, rape, and murder. He pleaded not guilty to all charges. As he was 17 at the time, he was tried as a juvenile under India law.

The teen was convicted of rape and murder. His lawyer explains that he will be transferred to a “reform home” as he has spent nearly nine months in jail. He will be credited for his time served.

The New Delhi gang rape brought national attention to an ongoing problem. Police say that a rape is reported every 20 minutes in India. Often, the women are raped by more than one man.

Six men were arrested in the rape and murder of the 23-year-old student. One of the older men committed suicide while in custody. The other four face severe penalty.

The teen’s co-conspirators are currently being tried for rape and murder. Closing arguments began last week, and the verdicts are expected within the next two weeks.

Prosecutors are asking that the man be punished by death.

As reported by Bloomberg, the New Delhi rape victim’s mother is unhappy with the teen’s sentence. She stated that she wants all five men, including the teen, hanged.

The men raped the 23-year-old student for two hours. She and her companion were brutally beaten with a mental rod. The woman died two weeks later as a result of the injuries.

The case has prompted some Indian officials to ask for more harsh sentencing of juvenile offenders. India’s top court is currently reviewing a petition to remove the maximum sentencing constraints.

Attorney Kamal Kumar Pandey explains that the current cap on sentencing “is totally irrational.” Currently, India is one of the only countries that has maximum sentencing guidelines for juvenile offenders.

The New Delhi gang rape was devastating. However, the brutal case has brought national attention to a very serious and ongoing problem.

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