Beyoncé Gets Teary In Emotional Tribute To Fans Video [Watch]

Beyoncé recently shared a video entitled The Mrs Carter Carter Show, Bey Good! on her Tumblr site.

The feel-good clip shows the world-famous singer meeting her special fans in backstage meet and greets at her tour shows.

Many of the fans featured suffer from life-threatening or debilitating conditions.

At one point, the video segues a scene of Beyoncé in concert flying courtesy of a high-wire over an audience, before switching to a trio of young friends.

One of the fans turns to the camera and says, “She motivates us to be good, to come together – different races, different people.”

From there, the video becomes a montage of Beyoncé meeting fans intercut with up-close shots of people enjoying her The Mrs Carter Show World Tour.

In one scene, the “Halo” star is seen meeting a young cancer sufferer and other fans confined to wheelchairs.

To a one, the reactions of fans range from tears, to hysterical screaming, spontaneous hugging, as the mix of genders and ages tell the mother-of-one they love her.

One young girl told the Houston native, “You’re my hero, I love you,” before hugging the singer.