Bill O’Reilly Apologizes Unequivocally, Was Wrong About MLK Event [Video]

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly engaged in some atypical behavior on his show last night, with a total mea culpa coming from the popular conservative talking head for… well, being totally wrong.

The rare Bill O’Reilly apology resulted after he sat down with liberal pundit and Democratic strategist James Carville.

Bill charged that no Republicans were present at the event earlier this week to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s March on Washington in 1963 because the liberal mean girls didn’t send the GOP any invitations to their civil rights party.

O’Reilly then tasked Carville with explaining why former President George W. Bush wasn’t asked to speak. Carville replied:

“I do not know that he wasn’t invited.”

O’Reilly challenged:

“He wasn’t. No Republicans and no conservatives were invited.”

Now normally, this is the part where O’Reilly and his Fox fellows would put their fingers in their ears and begin yelling, “Benghazi, Obamaphone, Fooooood Staaaaaaaamps!”

Instead, something pretty neat happened.

Not only did O’Reilly not cut a mike, pretend the incident didn’t happen, or change the conversation, he actually brought the error up himself. The next night, without prompting.

The pundit took full responsibility for his mistake, telling the audience not only was he wrong — but the Republicans who declined to attend were not all that right either:

“Last night during my discussion with James Carville about the Martin Luther King commemoration I said there were no Republican speakers invited. Wrong. Was wrong. Some Republicans were asked to speak. They declined. And that was a mistake. They should have spoken.”

O’Reilly adds:

“Now, the mistake, entirely on me. I simply assumed that since all the speakers were liberal Democrats, Republicans were excluded. So, here’s the ‘Tip of the Day’ — Always check out the facts before you make a definitive statement. And, when you make a mistake, admit it.”

Bill O’Reilly then added, “Benghazi!” Okay, he didn’t. And we do give him total props for drawing attention to his own mistake and admitting it. Maybe he can like, teach a class at Fox or something on that sort of thing.