Kate Middleton To Make First Public Appearance In Wales

Kate Middleton will make her first official appearance on Friday in Wales when she accompanies her husband, Prince William, to the Ring O’Fire Ultra Marathon in Anglesey.

This will actually mark the second time the Duchess of Cambridge has been seen since the family left London after the birth of the royal baby, Prince George.

Earlier in the week someone snapped a shot of Kate doing the very domestic task of grocery shopping for the family. And looking fabulous, we might add.

She has lost, it appears, all her baby bump, which was so adorably displayed when she stepped out of St. Mary’s Hospital in London the day after the birth of her son.

Wearing a light blue maternity dress, we could still see the evidence of her pregnancy, but she didn’t seem to mind or appear to be trying to conceal it.

Now, more than a month later, the baby weight Kate Middleton gained, which was not much, from what we hear, seems to be gone. The photo taken of her grocery shopping is proof.

Prince William is scheduled to start the grueling Ring O’Fire Marathon, which is a 135-mile race on the island where the couple has lived for the past three years, while he has been stationed as a search and rescue pilot at the Royal Air Force base.

This will be one of the Duke of Cambridge’s final public appearances before he completes his stay in the island of Anglesey, according to Wales Online.

Kate and William will meet some of the participants and volunteers before the race starts. The couple’s newborn, Prince George will not be present at the event.

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are getting ready to move to London after his mission at the RAF is complete in a few days. They will take up residence at Kensington Palace in London.