Kate Middleton’s First Public Appearance Since Birth Of Prince George

Kate Middleton has made her first public appearance since giving birth to Prince George on July 22 and leaving the hospital the following day.

By all accounts Kate has been at home taking care of her baby and away from the public eye.

The new photo shows the Duchess looking very relaxed while she shops at the local market in Anglesey, Wales, where her husband, Prince William, is stationed at the Royal Air Force (RAF) base.

The new family spent the first few weeks after the momentous birth of the future King of England, hiding away from all the attention at Kate’s parents’ home in Bucklebury.

It was recently reported that Kate and little George had gone on a trip to visit dad in Wales, but apparently they have been there for a while now.

William and Kate lived in Anglesey for three years previously when he took his post as a search and rescue pilot with the RAF.

Kate Middleton looks stunning in the new photo and her body looks amazing. She is seen wearing black leggings, a simple black and white striped shirt (which is probably sold out by now), flats, and a pony tail.

It is reported that Kate is breastfeeding baby, this is known to allow new mothers to regain their figures more quickly after giving birth.

In a recent speech Prince William thanked the locals for being so welcoming to her and Catherine while they lived in Anglesey. The locals have allowed the royal couple to lead a relatively normal life, which they wouldn’t have been able to do in London.

As is seen in the picture, other patrons are seen walking around not paying any attention to Kate, well, except whoever decided to take the shot.

New mom Kate is getting a break from baby George while grocery shopping and getting ready to be back in the spotlight once the family returns to London.

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