Kris Jenner May Or May Not Be Cancelled, FOX Says No

Rumors Kris Jenner and her talk show were canceled despite an end of season visit from none other than daughter Kim’s baby daddy Kanye West have been disputed by some entertainment sources.

Earlier this week, Kris Jenner was said to be getting the axe over at FOX due to allegedly lukewarm ratings and reception to her talk show. As the season wrapped, Kris hosted Kardashian boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye to reveal exclusive pics of new grandbaby North West — aka “Nori.”

Jenner’s chat show got an exclusive on pics of little Nori, who has been out of the public eye since her birth earlier this summer. But, reports indicated, the first look at the “Kimye” baby wasn’t enough to boost Jenner out of a ratings slump, and the show was rumored to have been nixed from FOX’s daytime lineup.

While rumors Kris Jenner would no longer be hosting swirled earlier this week, a source close to the clan stepped in to say horses should be held… that nothing has happened either way regarding Kris’ talk show hosting future.

Us Weekly quotes a “Jenner source,” who says that it’s just not something anyone has decided upon just yet:

“It’s way too early for that decision to have been made… And on top of that, FOX likes the show.”

As the mag notes, the show’s official Twitter account made similar noises, tweeting this week:

“Rumors flying are false but glad everyone is still buzzing about our 6 week summer run!!!!”

So as far as Kris Jenner is concerned, the show Kris is still possibly returning if FOX says yes.