Lindsey Vonn: ‘I’m Just Really Excited To Go Skiing’

Lindsey Vonn can’t wait to get back on the slopes and return to her beloved skiing. For the last six months, Lindsey has spent four hours each day training to get her right knee back to health.

She has also spent many long hours fly-fishing, which she took up as a hobby while she was out of action on the piste. Lindsey spoke to the Associated Press on Wednesday, clearly excited about returning to skiing: “Because I feel like I’m claustrophobic when I’m not skiing. I just want to go fast.”

The champion skier is planning to ski this Sunday, along with her US teammates, in Portillo, Chile. She may attempt some slalom gates, but for the most part she just wants to reacquaint herself to the snow, and feel the slopes once again.

Lindsey Vonn spoke about her aspirations for the Sochi Olympics next February: “I wouldn’t change my odds, just because I was injured. I’m going to be back just as good, if not better, than I was before.”

She spoke about her fall, in which she shredded her ACL and MCL ligaments, saying she had watched the fall a bunch of times to see what she had done wrong: “I’ve had crashes that were honestly much worse than this one,” she said.

Continuing to speak about her upcoming return to skiing Lindsey said: “I’m really relaxed and happy and kind of at peace with my life. I’m in a good place.”

When asked about her personal life, and her plans to start a family, Lindsey told the AP: “I want to make sure that I’ve done what I want to do in my sport. I don’t want to leave skiing early,” she said. “I want to feel like I’ve done everything I can do. So, we’ll see.”

Everyone is looking forward to Lindsey Vonn’s return to the slopes and to the US ski team. We hope that her previous knee injury will not affect her performance in future competitions.