Assange denied bail, tells judge he will fight extradition

Julian Assange was denied bail this afternoon in a British courtroom, but the Wikileaks “lightning rod” told a City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court judge that he will fight extradition on charges he had sex with two women and may not have used a condom.

Assange was asked if he understood that he could consent to being extradited to Sweden to face the charges, to which he replied:

“I understand that and I do not consent.”

Bail on the charges, which are unrelated to the recent and controversial diplomatic cable leaks, was denied on the basis that Assange has access to financial means to flee and evade possible prosecution. A spokesperson for Wikileaks said that regardless of Assange’s legal challenges, the organization would remain operational and wouldn’t be impeded:

Kristinn Hrafnsson said it would not stop release of more secret files and told Reuters on Tuesday: “Wikileaks is operational. We are continuing on the same track as laid out before.

“Any development with regards to Julian Assange will not change the plans we have with regards to the releases today and in the coming days.”

Assange was remanded in custody pending a complete hearing, expected next week.