Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Dance To ‘Blurred Lines’

Katie Holmes can’t resist the hit song of the summer, it would seem.

The 34-year-old actress was seen at a benefit in East Hampton, New York, this weekend getting down to the Robin Thicke hit “Blurred Lines.” Joining the single actress in grooving out to the infectious song was Jamie Foxx, who it seems owned the dance floor at the 4th annual Apollo in the Hamptons benefit.

Sources say Foxx grabbed Katie Holmes and Ellen DeGeneres and guided them to the dance floor, where the group danced to a number of songs.

Though Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are both single, sources close to them said there isn’t exactly a romantic spark between the two. Instead Foxx and Holmes are described as “old friends” who just enjoy to get down on the dance floor together once in a while.

“I haven’t had such a good time in so long,” Holmes was overheard saying after the gala ended.

Lately, Katie has been too with busy raising daughter Suri and her growing involvement in the fashion world to make time for relationships.

Even in that work she has tried to stay grounded. While Katie Holmes has become a fashion designer and even Suri Cruise has her own line, the actress said she always tries to emphasize inner beauty.

“The way I was raised was about who we were, not what we looked like. In terms of when I became a mother and what I’m imparting to my daughter about beauty, I’m pretty much imparting what my mother and grandmother taught me,” Katie told Marie Claire. “What’s most important is what’s going on in your heart and your head.”

At Saturday’s event, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were joined by a number of other stars, including Billy Joel, Howard Stern, Colin Powell, Matt Lauer, and Ciara. In all the event raised more than $4 million for Harlem’s Apollo Theater.