McDonald’s Wings To Hit Stores On September 9

McDonald’s wings are to be introduced over the next month into the fast food chain’s stores across America

This new food item on the McDonald’s menu is to be called Mighty Wings, and will be rolled out to stores next month, starting September 9. It is hoped that all its branches across the US will have the wings available for purchase by September 24th.

Don Thompson, the CEO of McDonald’s, has been trying to revamp the burger chain, in order to increase revenue and boost shares. The latest initiative, which puts them in direct competition with KFC, will see finger lickin’ bone-in chicken wings on the McDonald’s menu till at least the end of November.

Thompson, who has been in his position at McDonald’s since last summer, has introduced other new items to the menu. These include egg-white breakfast sandwiches and chicken McWraps. The Angus third-pounder burger was recently removed from the chain’s menu as it proved unpopular with customers.

Peter Saleh, from the New-York based Telsey Advisory Group, spoke in an interview about the new McDonald’s wings: “They’re being more innovative, and they’re being more aggressive with the changes on their menu. This is good news because it’s in conjunction with the football season.”

The new Mighty Wings are flavored with chili pepper and cayenne and are accompanied by a variety of sauces including Tangy BBQ, honey mustard, and ranch. The wings will be available for purchase in Three, five and 10-piece boxes, with the three-pieces costing $2.99.

The company hopes that the new McDonald’s wings will boost sales as the fast food giant tries to compete on an even playing field with its largest competitors.