This ain’t your normal hummingbird

A growing segment of the US Armed Forces arsenal is its collection of Predators and Reapers otherwise known as drones. These remotely controlled flying spies and killers are constantly seeing action in multiple places around the world as everyone from the US Border Patrol to the US Coast Guard wants a piece of this flying technology.

It is almost getting to the point where these flying wonders are becoming passe and old fashioned. Not one to rest on its technological laurels the US Special Forces Command (SOCOM) is upping the flying drone stakes when it takes possession of a radically new drone from Boeing. This revolutionary new drone is actually a helicopter with the moniker of the A160T Hummingbird.

According to Janes SOCOM has already begun taking delivery of the Hummingbird which folks in the know are saying can be used for re-supply and surveillance missions. Additionally it these birds will soon be equipped with a new radar that can identify enemy targets hiding beneath dense tree cover.

Apparently SOCOM will have 10 of these super quiet Hummingbirds ready for action by the end of November of this year.

[graphic courtesy of Danger Room]