Rodney Childers Bids Goodbye To MWR, Preps For Stewart-Haas Future

Rodney Childers has exited Michael Waltrip Racing and has been replaced for the remainder of the season by Scott Miller.

After Saturday's race at Bristol Raceway, Childers was told the No. 55 car change was coming so MWR could prepare for next season. The No. 55 car is driven by Brian Vickers.

Scott Miller currently serves as the vice president of competition for MWR.

Miller still step in for the remainder of the season starting with Sunday's race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Last week Brian Vickers signed a new two-year deal with MWR which includes 11 of the final 12 races this season. Filling in at Talladega Motor Speedway will be team owner Michael Waltrip.

Rodney Childers announced at Bristol Motor Speedway this week that he is moving over to Stewart-Hass Racing in 2014. Childers will be teamed up with Kevin Harvick.

Childers will remain under contract with MWR until December 31. His contract forbids him from working with Stewart-Haas Racing and Kevin Harvick until that time.

When asked what he will be doing until he can take on a crew again Childers responded:

"Will just have to sit at home."

There has been a lot of movement in NASCAR this week as Stewart-Haas Racing began putting together the framework for a four-driver team that includes Kurt Busch, Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick and Danica Patrick. The teams lone female driver appears to be most excited about the transition. Danica Patrick found her best success with her four-member IndyCar team.

Do you think Rodney Childers will be a welcomed and needed addition to Stewart-Haas Racing?