‘Dead Space’ Not Dead, Still In IP Rotation

Dead Space isn’t dead, as it’s still in IP rotation at Electronic Arts.

The fact that Dead Space 3 ended up such a dud hasn’t stopped EA from trying to continue using the franchise. The chance that you’ll sever more necromorph limbs with a plasma cutter is still there, as are the anti-gravity battles that made the first game such a classic. The rumors that missed projections meant the end of the series have been proven wrong. Dead Space is far from dead, even if the trilogy is done.

There are no current plans for future games in the franchise, but that’s only because Electronic Arts is focusing on other projects at the moment. EA boss Frank Gibeau says there is hope for the franchise, due to its loyal fanbase and unique mechanics. He stated concerning the fate of Dead Space:

“No, it’s not out of rotation. I mean, I’m not announcing anything right now, but I will say we had a great trilogy of games and we still have faith in that franchise. Dead Space is something that we’re very proud of. We are not making any public announcements on what we’re doing with the next Dead Space, but we definitely have a great set of IPs to pull out of the vault.”

What this may mean for fans of the series is that EA is looking into what the next generation consoles are capable of and seeing how the technology can be used to blow gamers’ expectations away once more. It’s too easy early on to assume what a console can do and then discover you could have done twice as much with your killer IP.

As for now, Frank Gibeau admits EA has too many things on the plate at once. Between Need for Speed: Rivals, NBA LIVE 14, Madden NFL 25, Dragon Age: Inquisition, the Star Wars games, and other projects, EA is just too busy for much of anything else.

Frank Gibeau has hinted that the main franchise is finished, as he stated that the games were a trilogy, so what the future holds for Dead Space has yet to be determined or even thought out yet.