Tim Kennedy ‘Thrilled’ To Fight Lyoto Machida, Slams Vitor Belfort For TRT Use

Tim Kennedy couldn’t be any happier to be facing Lyoto Machida at UFC Fight for the Troops 3.

“I was super excited, totally pumped, thrilled, ecstatic, when I was told about the fight,” Kennedy told Bleacher Report.

The fight will mark Machida’s first match at 185 pounds, down from his usual 205 as a light heavyweight. Kennedy said Machida should have made the switch a long time ago.

“I think he’s always been a small light heavyweight, he should’ve been a middleweight a few years ago,” Kennedy said. “He should’ve come down to middleweight sooner, which I think is the natural weight for him. I have the expectation it will be the best Machida since he won the title.”

Kennedy, like others, was surprised that Machida lost to Phil Davis at UFC 163.

“I think Machida won, it was a close fight, but I appreciate the counter striking stuff,” the 33-year-old said. “There’s a fine line between counter striking and back peddling, which he is guilty of sometimes. Carlos Condit does the best job of being the counter striking guy that is very elusive.”

Even UFC president Dana White was shocked at Davis’ unanimous decision victory. He believed Machida should have won the fight, and said “MMA judging sucks.”

Kennedy was initially rumored to be fighting Vitor Belfort, but the Brazilian has declined any fights at middleweight unless they are for the championship. Instead, Belfort will face Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night 32 on November 9.

“I wonder who is going to have higher testosterone levels during their fight camp,” Kennedy said. “The real competition for those two is who is going to have the highest testosterone levels during the fight camp. Just take their testosterone levels from four weeks out, and that’s the winner of the fight, no reason for these guys to even meet in the cage.”

Tim Kennedy also said he wasn’t surprised the fight was being held in Brazil. It has been speculated that Belfort primarily fights in his home country because his failed drug test in 2006 puts his TRT usage exemption in jeopardy anywhere in the United States. Belfort said he fights in Brazil because he sells a lot there and said he missed fighting in Las Vegas.

UFC Fight for the Troops 3 will be held November 6 in Fort Cambell, Kentucky.