UFC 163 Results: Lyoto Machida Loses To Phil Davis In Controversial Decision

The UFC 163 results are in and Lyoto Machida lost to Phil Davis in a manner that has MMA fans upset.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, UFC 163’s Lyoto Machida vs. Phil Davis was held in Rio de Janeiro.

Prior to UFC 163, Josh Koscheck suffered a broken orbital bone on the right side of his face. The injury left him unable to fly because of air pockets that had former around the right eye, so the promotion arranged for him and his trainer to drive to Boston for corrective surgery.

Lyoto Machida, known as the Dragon, fought in UFC 163 against Phil Davis aka Mr. Wonderful in the light heavyweight division. Lyoto Machida won many matches in a row since being defeated by Jon Jones with a standing guillotine choke at UFC 140 back in 2011. Over the last three years, former NCAA Division 1 wrestling champion Phil Davis’ only defeat in nine UFC fights was to Rashad Evans.

Lyoto Machida is Brazilian so people naturally thought it would be difficult to lose in Brazil. Last night during UFC 163, Lyoto Machida was upset by the way he lost to Phil Davis. Despite seeming to control the third round entirely, Lyoto Machida lost UFC 163 to Phil Davis by a score of 29 to 28 on all three judges’ cards.

After the UFC 163 results were in, Lyoto Machida expressed his shock at the unanimous decision by the judges:

“I really don’t know what they are judging. Just listen to the crowd. They’re telling you what is happening.”

UFC President Dana White agreed with Lyoto Machida on the UFC 163 results. White claims Lyoto Machida “definitely won that fight but he still blames Lyoto Machida for losing because “MMA judging sucks.” White pointed out that Lyoto Machida “wants to stay back and be a counter puncher and wait and fight cautiously” but the UFC 163 judges apparently disagreed with that MMA strategy.

What do you think about the UFC 163 results, with Lyoto Machida losing to Phil Davis on points?

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