Matt Damon May Get Re-'Bourne' With Paul Greengrass

Back in 2012, Matt Damon seemed perfectly fine with turning the Bourne franchise over to Jeremy Renner. When Damon was at Comic Con promoting his then mysterious new film Elysium, he had a lot of enthusiastic things to say about Renner filling his shoes.

Now it looks like Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass may be heading to the Bourne franchise one more time. Greengrass, who is currently busy with Tom Hanks' Captain Phillips is in the middle of looking at his schedule, and it's believed that Bourne may be on his short list.

According to reports made by Twitch, negotiations are happening for both Damon and Greengrass to return to the Bourne franchise. It's the only information that's being given at this point about Damon's possible involvement. We don't know if this is a return to form for Damon as the lead, or if Damon will join Renner in the next installment.

With news that Renner might be gearing up for another Bourne film with Universal, it looks like it might be the latter, but then again, when we heard of this news, Damon wasn't involved in talks. That said, there's talk going around that it isn't a one or the other decision to be made. The original report alludes that unofficial talks might have been in the works for a while.

"It's not an either / or scenario between Renner and Bourne with Universal planning to continue with the Aaron Cross stream of Bourne films regardless of what happens on the Damon front...."

Damon seemed open to the idea of returning, but he seemed a bit leery when Screen Rant caught up with him during last year's Comic Con.

"If there is a great movie to be made, then we can figure it out beforehand and then go make it, the way you always do. You know what I mean? But nobody's ever come forward with that script, so we'll see. I mean I want to do it, but we'll see. We'll see what happens. I bet this one'll be a big hit, though."

Do you want to see Matt Damon reprise his role as Jason Bourne?