‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Releases Behind The Scenes Photos

It will be a bit before The Wolf of Wall Street hits theaters but it’s already scoring some major buzz. Practically a given with a Scorsese/DiCaprio pairing, critics and fans alike are equally excited about what the pairing with serve up.

To get ready for Oscar season, Paramount has decided to release behind the scenes photos of DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort. The photos, which were originally published by Vulture, are from the film that tells a true story about Belfort, and his scheming as a stockbroker in New York. Belfort lived on the edge of cocaine binges, and watched his personal life and career fall due to his uncontrollable urges for sex, drugs, and alcohol.

Going by the trailers that have been released, Scorcese is bringing the flash and excitement that mirrored Jordan Belfort’s world. At first glance it appears that he’s glamorizing the excitement of Belfort’s dealings, to the tune of Kanye West’s bombastic sound of “Black Skinhead.”

Now we finally have a look behind the scenes to all the razzamatazz around The Wolf of Wall Street. Of the book that the film is based on, DiCaprio said:

“The book personified ­America’s addiction to obtaining wealth at all costs, and that hasn’t changed. He was a small fish in a gigantic pond, and he’d motivate his guys by telling them they were heroes for taking on the big houses. Un­regulated Wall Street was like the Wild West.”

Jonah Hill, along with his fake dentures, co-stars with DiCaprio as a high-ranking co-worker of Jordan’s. Of Scorsese’s vision on set, Hill said:

“Marty is brilliant at many things, but one of them is showing people doing things that are morally corrupt and still making them enjoyable to watch. You root for them and adore them in some way—it’s cool and exciting to be doing something wrong.”

It’s not a revelation that abuse of sex and drugs is seen as a huge draw for the audience. Scorsese is aware of that, saying:

“Some people might just zero in on the fun, exhilarating side of it. But if you’re putting a world on film, and you’re going to stay true to that world, as opposed to show it from a distance, you’re going to make it attractive and entertaining—and, by the way, the people are entertaining, and they had a great time until they got caught.”

Catch the outrageous behavior when The Wolf of Wall Street hits theaters on November 15.

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