‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Trailer Maybe Not All That [Video]

The Wolf of Wall Street trailer has dropped, and the reaction is starting to trickle in for yet another Leonardo DiCaprio role as one of the outrageously, obnoxiously rich.

If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to watch.

My fellow The Inquisitr writer Page Mackinley calls it “vintage Scorsese” and “good news for everyone.” Enjoy her full report on the upcoming release of The Wolf of Wall Street right here.

But I’m here to be that little nagging voice of negativity.

To me, the trailer is tired. It’s a hip hop fantasy of rich guys rolling around in money with women, and it’s just been done a few times too often.

How many unpleasant rich dudes does Leonardo DiCaprio want to play? He’s hitting us with too many of these guys one right after another.

In 2012, he played the nasty plantation owner in Django Unchained, followed up by this year’s 2013 retread of too-often-filmed The Great Gatsby.

Back in the day, he even played one of the world’s first billionaires, Howard Hughes, in 2004’s The Aviator.

I understand that his somewhat chunky face gives him a solid look that makes him a natural to play fat cats. But c’mon.

Now he’s going back to the 1990s?

Do I need to see Leonardo DiCaprio as a rich white jerk in every single era of wretched excess?

Is it just me, or is it time for DiCaprio to get back to his roots as the real boy we first fell in love with in 1997’s Titanic?

Or maybe at 38 he’s too old and too settled-looking to be the hero we once knew?

Here’s one viewer’s thoughts that I’m posting because they echoed my own — and it’s a sad day when I’d rather look at a chimp than Leonardo DiCaprio:

What’s your take on the new The Wolf of Wall Street trailer?

[The Wolf of Wall Street publicity still courtesy Universal]

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