First Trailer For Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Drops, Hard

Leonardo DiCaprio gets wild, debauched and very very inappropriate in the first trailer for director Martin Scorsese’s highly anticipated The Wolf of Wall Street — and the good news is he’s not alone.

The actor, who is well known for playing entitled playboys, definitely steps up the outrageous factor in his fifth re-team with Scorsese and what looks like an ode to a mercifully passed 80’s.

DiCaprio, 38, plays Jordan Belfort in the movie. It’s based on a true story and adapted from a book written by the real life Belfort, who became embroiled in an FBI sting into securities fraud and stock market manipulation while working as a stockbroker in New York in the 80’s.

He was later jailed for 22 months and penned two bestselling memoirs, The Wolf of Wall Street and Catching the Wolf of Wall Street. Rather quaintly, he is now a motivational speaker.

But back to the trailer.

The opening line gives a measure of what’s ahead with DiCaprio declaring in speak-to-the-camera-Goodfella’s style: “The year I turned 26, I made $49 million, which really p***ed me off because it was just three shy of $1 million a week.”

Cue scenes of yachts, a woman covered in illicit money, an off-the-wall Matthew McConaughey, a very venal Jonah Hill (“you have my money taped to you b***s, technically you do work for me,”) dwarf tossing, more scantily clad women, a very quick glimpse of some cocaine-fest, amid fast moving edits of DiCaprio and Co planning dodgy trading and getting seriously partied up.

Set against a backdrop of Kanye West’s dynamic Black Skinhead from his just leaked Yeezus album, the trailer is vintage Scorsese. And that’s good news for everyone.

Adapted by Terence Winter, with a cast that stars DiCaprio, McConaughey, Hill, The Artist‘s Jean Dujardin, Jon Favreau, Kyle Chandler and Rob Reiner, The Wolf of Wall Street hits theaters in the US on November 15.

The First Trailer For The Wolf of Wall Street Lands On Web
The First Trailer For The Wolf of Wall Street Hits Web