Will Smith And Family Horrified During Miley Cyrus Performance At VMAs

Will Smith and his family didn’t seem too happy watching Miley Cyrus turn in a raunchy performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

The 20-year-old singer joined singer Robin Thicke on stage during a performance of his hit song “Blurred Lines.” While Thicke sang, Miley strutted around in a bra and nude underwear, twerking and grinding on the much older singer.

As she performed the raunchy act, cameras panned the crowd at the VMAs to show some shocked reactions. None were as funny as Will Smith and his family. The Independence Day star looked disgusted at the performance, his 15-year-old son Jaden looked like he might cry and 12-year-old daughter Willow had her mouth open wide in horror.

Other stars in the audience seemed shocked at Miley — including Rihanna, who leaned back in her chair and pointed as she talked to a friend — but none as much as Will Smith and family.

The racy performance got the attention of stars outside the VMA audience as well, and many of them took to Twitter to relay their disgust with Miley’s performance.

“Thanks Miley Cyrus. Now I have to explain to my 11 yr old daughter why she no longer can follow your career,” tweeted country singer Josh Gracin.

Even Miley’s own performance got her in hot water. As she sang the chorus to her hit song “We Can’t Stop,” MTV censors bleeped out the word “Molly,” which is believed to be a reference to the drug ecstasy.

The episode comes as Miley tries to engage in a bit of image repair. In an interview with Notion magazine earlier this month, she said people have gotten the wrong impression that she’s only concerned with partying and is nothing more than a “ratchet white girl.””I work really, really hard, I’m just in a different environment,” Miley said.

Judging by the reaction Will Smith and his family had at Miley Cyrus, they may not believe she’s all that concerned about her image.