Cheryl Cole Reveals Shocking Full Backside Tattoo

Cheryl Cole, the well known pop star, has always been an avid art fan. She also seems to have a thing for English roses.

Her tattoo artist, Nikko Hurtado, (interesting name for a tattoo artist!) who owns the Black Anchor tattoo studio in Hesperia, California, posted an image of his work on Cheryl’s backside and lower back on his Instagram page on Sunday.

It only took a few short hours until fans began invading Cheryl Cole’s Twitter page with comments, expressing their opinions about her new tattoo. Cole confirmed to fans that she had been hiding the tattoo for over eight months, as the detail was gradually filled in.

She wrote: “People are entitled to their own opinion. Personally I’ve never really concerned myself with other people’s body parts! I’ve had it for seven-eight months but only just had it detailed. I can pretty much safely say I’m now done!”

She also added that the tattoo took about 15 hours to finish and that she chose English roses as a flower that has much personal meaning for her. Not all her fans though are as enthralled with the new tattoo as Cheryl is. She has received a mixed bag of comments regarding the finished product.

Cheryl shocked fans when she revealed a tiny piece of the tattoo when she performed with Girls Aloud earlier in the year. The images that have been posted of the tattoo show it in its entirety; it completely covers her buttocks and trails up her lower back.

You can see detailed photos of Cheryl Cole’s new tattoo on the Daily Mail’s website or by clicking this link.