BBC iPlayer Coming To iPads Around The World

The BBC iPlayer will soon to available to Apple iPad users around the world!

BBC announced on Thursday that the application, which users will be able to download from the Apple App store will offer payment levels based on international service levels.

The first stop for the player will be the US with other countries to follow after that initial launch.

According to Luke-Bradley Jones the Managing Director of, the idea is to attract early adopters to the program. In terms of charges he told the Financial Times:

“We’re quite bullish about what we can charge, but we are still working out the details.”

He went on to explain that Video-On-Demand services and targeting the BBC’s core audience made the iPad an attractive offer they couldn’t pass up.

Forget Hulu and Netflix, I’m all about the BBC and if that means paying to receive Dr. Who episodes and other top quality programs from across the pond, I’m 100% on-board, now I just need an iPad. Oh yeah, I’ll also have to wait until “Mid-2011.” when the app is finally released….Darn. [via Pocket-Lint]