Lolo Jones Trying Her Hand At Acting In ‘Left Behind’

Lolo Jones has come close to the pinnacle of the track and field world and just recently branched out into the Winter Olympics with a spot on the U.S. bobsled team.

So what’s next for the 31-year-old Olympian? Hollywood, it would seem.

Lolo is set to make her movie debut in 2014, appearing with Nicolas Cage in the movie Left Behind. Fans hoping to see what kind of acting chops Lolo Jones has may be a bit disappointed, however.

“I’m a gate attendant,” she tweeted about the movie appearance. “I have ten words. Really 8. I counted Mr. Williams as 2 words to increase Oscar chances”

Lolo Jones was one of the most popular athletes at the 2012 London Olympics, thanks in part to some bad luck from 2008. Lolo entered the Beijing Olympics as a favorite to win the 100 meter hurdles, and was comfortably in the lead cruising toward a gold medal when she stumbled over a hurdle, falling to seventh place.

Lolo’s quest to avenge her loss became an intriguing storyline last summer, though she once again failed to capture gold.

In the months after the Olympics the U.S. bobsled team reached out to Lolo about the possibility of her becoming a runner for the team. After a tryout process Lolo made the squad, winning a gold medal with the team at the World Championships in January.

Lolo Jones seems to have gotten her movie break thanks to a bit of luck. The movie’s producer had heard that Lolo was going to be in the Baton Rouge area to train at the same time the movie was set to film there. The producer reached out to Lolo, and she jumped at the chance to make her acting debut.

The movie shows what has happened to the world after the Rapture, when Christians have left the Earth. It is based on a popular book series which has already been turned into a movie once before, starring Kirk Cameron.

Lolo Jones can be seen in Left Behind alongside Nicolas Cage and Jordin Sparks. The movie is slated to be released sometime in the summer of 2014.