Syria Warning US To Not Intervene

As the “red line” of chemical weapon use has been crossed, the United States and other countries are evaluating the situation in Syria. Reports from within the country suggest between around 500 people have died as a result of recent chemical weapon attacks.

With Syria on the brink of a full out war with Western powers, it is warning the United States to not intervene militarily in the Middle East. Syrian President Bashar Assad stated that an intervention from the US would result in complete chaos in the Middle East.

This warning comes on the heels of an International aid group report suggesting that 355 people had died in Syria as a result of chemical weapons. With many countries naming the use of chemical weapons a “red line”, it appears as though intervention is imminent and the US is ready to enter the country at any time.

Not only would a military intervention involve Syria but it could pull in other Middle Eastern countries as well. Syria has strong alliances with various groups and governments in the area including Palestinian militants and Iran.

President Barack Obama met with his advisors today in order to discuss the violence in Syria and whether or not a military strike would make sense. According to the White House, no decisions have been made but US forces are moving into the area in case the Government decides to attack.

Since the violence began in Syria, the US has been keeping a close eye on the situation but many analysts feel that the use of chemical weapons has resulted in a sense of urgency within the White House. International groups are pressuring either US, European, or UN forces to enter the country as soon as possible.

Officials within the Middle East are already criticizing the United Nations for their lack of action.