Joy Behar says home schooled kids are demented

Joy Behar, of the view has enraged the American home school community, by suggesting that many of the kids who are home schooled end up being "demented". She also said that home schooling at the White House would like "little house on the prairie".

The issue came up during a discussion about whether Obama's girls should be educated at private or public schools. Skip to the 7 minute mark to miss the inane conversation and get to the comments made on home schooling.

Behar normally has quite progressive views, although she isn't afraid to offend people and push the envelope. Her Wikipedia page says

Behar favors taxpayer-funded embryonic stem-cell research and also legalizing same-sex marriage, among other traditionally liberal positions. She has expressed her opposition to the war in Iraq and her dislike of Medicare's coverage of Viagra prescriptions. Behar recently referred to the Bush administration as "liars and murderers".[4] When Fox News show host Bill O'Reilly contentiously claimed on The View that it was a mistake for Rosie O'Donnell to come out as gay and predicted that both her career and Ellen DeGeneres's would spiral downward because of it, Behar challenged this view. She replied that "someone has to take those risks [in order for there to be change in society].

Given that the outrage has been minimal, clearly saying homeschooled kids are demented is not as bad as saying that wearing a baby in a sling can hurt your back. Come on Motrin Moms, isn't this offensive too?