Biker, Bear Collide In Helmet Cam Footage [Video]

A biker collided with a black bear on Highway 7 near Vancouver, Canada. And the entire accident was captured on a helmet mounted camera. Hit that button, and you can see the video for yourself.

The actual biker/bear collision took place on June 30. However, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of British Columbia have now released the footage. The embarrassing accident was posted on YouTube Thursday.

Folks, you’ve got to be cautious when you’re traveling on western Canada’s highways and byways. The black bears are not looking both ways before they cross the street. I’ve witnessed that fun fact for myself.

As you will see, a black bear has nothing to fear from a biker. The bear got up and strolled away.

But the biker ended up in the hospital.

According to a report in the Independent, the RCMP was less sympathetic than they might otherwise have been because an analysis of the footage revealed that the victim had gone from 0 to 87 miles per hour in 20 seconds.

So all the bear had to do was stroll into the road and let nature take its course.

It’s a very different kind of bear attack — sort of a passive-aggressive way for the black bear to even the game between humanity and bear.

But there are plenty of bears who take a more active role in taking out their opponent. Earlier this year, I did a report on some of this spring and early summer’s craziest bear attacks.

But the bear invasion didn’t stop in June. Bears are breaking into zoos, breaking onto people’s porches, and even attacking fairly athletic people like joggers.

Sometimes I get the impression that our black bear friends have completely lost their sense of humor about us. As for the biker who collided with the bear, he recovered but was cited with distracted driving and excessive speed.

[black bear in road thumbnail photo by Elaine Radford]

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