Bear Found Napping On Patio In Florida, 7-Year-Old Texts Mommy [Video]

So, a family found a black bear napping on their porch in Naples, Florida on Wednesday night. Bear with me. It’s really a cool story.


If you hit that button, you can see a video of the black bear in question.

According to News Channel 5, a 7-year-old boy first found the napping bear. He did what anybody would do.

He texted his mom for help: “Sleeping OMG. What do we do?”

NBC2 TV expanded on the story a little more. They said that the MacDonough family ended up watching the bear hang out and really just nap on their lanai for about an hour.

By their account, a babysitter is actually the one who called for mommy.

Either way, Alice MacDonough wasted no time in getting home. Yeah, that’s a bear, all right.

The bear eventually left on its own through a hole in the screen porch. However, Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officials believe it will return.

Just in case you were wondering, takin’ a summer snooze on a Florida lanai isn’t considered normal behavior for a bear. Therefore, FWC has set a trap.

If the bear returns — and they seem to think it will — the animal will have to be euthanized to prevent a possible attack from the bold bear.

The MacDonoughs sounded frustrated about the plan. “This is their habitat, we’re invading their area. They need a place to run and to roam,” said Alice MacDonough.

She sounds like a kind and generous lady. But FWC said that the MacDonoughs were already doing everything right. The pet food and garbage bins were already properly stowed inside. So what do you do?

A walk through my previous report on this summer’s bear attacks will show you that a rogue bear isn’t always just a snooze.

Who would you text if you found a bear napping on your porch?

[bear thumbnail photo credit: Douglas Brown via photopin cc]

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