New Brain Age confirmed for Nintendo 3DS

It’s the game that sold a squajillion copies and got your grandmother hooked on your Nintendo DS, and now Brain Age (or Brain Training, for those in PAL regions) is to make a return on the Nintendo 3DS.

That’s according to Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, the genial Japanese neuroscientist whose disembodied head starred in the previous two Brain Age games, the last of which appeared in 2007. Writing in his new book, Goodbye Brain Boom, Kawashima confirmed that a third game in the series is being developed.

While the doc doesn’t reveal details, he does state that Nintendo has held off on authorising another Brain Age game until they could achieve “something special”. I guess the 3DS’s 3D capabilities will play a role in this. I’m looking forward to Sudoku that engulfs me.

Now, check out this totally awesome Dr. Kawashima cosplay!

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[Via Kotaku]