Tina Fey Jokes Stolen From Office, Catches Crook On Camera

Tina Fey’s jokes are pretty valuable. She turned her comedy into the hit show 30 Rock and is attempting to score another hit with a new NBC pilot. But the actress may have to start fresh as some of her jokes were stolen recently from her office.

Fey was on David Letterman last night and told the talk show host that someone came into her office and stole a computer that was full of her ideas. A security camera caught the crook in the act, but Fey hasn’t been able to identify the thief.

Fey shared the story shortly after saying that she was so happy to be back in New York. The comedian said that she moved into a new office and within a few hours someone had broken into her office and stolen her computer.

Fey said: “New York’s a big city and you’re like, some guy stole my jokes!”


It’s never a good time for a comedian to lose a bunch of jokes but Tina has been particularly busy in recent months. She’s about to wrap up 30 Rock and is currently working on a new NBC pilot, and, according to the Huffington Post, she’s also set to produce another comedy about college life at an all girl’s school.

Here’s the video from Letterman last night.