‘God Is Dead’ Artwork Removed From School Walls

“God is dead” artwork was removed from the walls of a Georgia school. The Alcovy High School students drew the pictures for a school project. The artwork depicted scenes and quotes from The Crucible.

The class had discussed The Crucible, which is a fictional account of the Salem witch trials. The story has been performed on stage, published as a book, and made into a movie.

After learning the story, the students draw pictures depicting scenes from the book. The artwork was displayed on the school walls.

The controversy started when a parent complained about the pictures. As reported by Fox 5, Crystal Mitchell’s daughter was upset by the artwork. Mitchell complained to the school board.

A few students used the quote “God is dead” on the artwork. The controversial quote is directly from the text, and is an important part of the story.

Mitchell, and other parents, were not interested in the literary reference. They simply wanted the artwork removed from the school walls.

The Newton County school board reviewed Mitchell’s complaint, and the school’s policy. School official Sherri Davis-Viniard explains that the artwork “was not reflecting religious preferences… just reflecting a quote in the book.”

Crucible ArtworkRepresentatives with the school district stated that the pictures would remain on the walls. However, the “God is dead” artwork has been removed.


Artwork God Is DeadAs reported by Conv News, the teacher who assigned the project made the decision to remove the pictures. Newton County Schools Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey explains the decision:

“Currently, the teacher does not teach American Literature, the course in which The Crucible is taught… The students in the class in question will study The Crucible when they take the American Literature course… it must be tied to the curriculum she is charged to teach.”

Mitchell and her daughter are pleased with the removal of the “God is dead” artwork. She explains that her daughter is “all about church and God… she’s a great kid… it really made her uncomfortable.”

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