Nixon Tapes: Final Recordings Released Online

The final Nixon tapes have been released online. The tapes were released in MP3 and FLAC format for download. All recordings were processed according regulations outlined in the Presidential Recordings and Materials Preservation Act of 1974.

The conversations took place in 1973. They are dated April, May, June, and July. In the tapes, Nixon can be heard conversing with Henry Kissinger, Ronald Ziegler, John Ehrilchman, Alexander Haig, Jr., Stephen Bull, and Fred Buzhardt, Jr.

As reported by the US government’s Nixon Library website, the conversations also include other White House Staff, members of congress and the cabinet, foreign leaders, celebrities, journalists, friends, and family.

In the process of compiling the final Nixon tapes, more than three hours of conversation were restricted. The conversations were deemed to be either unintelligible, an invasion of privacy, or a matter of national security.

Despite the restrictions, nearly 3000 conversations are included in the final Nixon tapes. The tapes are over 300 hours long.

The conversations were recorded through devices placed in the President Nixon’s offices at the White House, the Old Executive Office Building, and Camp David. Numerous conversations were recorded directly from White House telephones.

The topics of discussion vary. However, most of the conversations were about government business.

One of the most important issues discussed involved the end of the Vietnam war. In one of the conversations Nixon meets with his national security staff to discuss the agreement to end the war, and to restore peace.

There are also discussions about soldiers missing in action and Prisoners of War.

Numerous domestic issues are discussed in the tapes, including the Alaskan oil pipeline, leasing of federal land, eliminating oil imports, reform of campaign finances, unemployment insurance, and retirement plans.

Many of the conversations were devoted to the Watergate scandal. A majority of the Watergate conversations were previously heard during the Watergate Trial. However, there are some conversations about the scandal that have never been heard.

The tapes also include discussions about presidential appointments, management of personnel, trade reform, the US-Soviet Union summit meeting, and 1973’s designation as the Year of Europe.

The final Nixon tapes are available for download through the Nixon Library.

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