Pair Missing In Vietnam Forest Found After 40 Years, Mostly Forgot How To Talk [Report]

So here’s a story of a father/son pair of men missing in Vietnam for 40 years. The so-called jungle men Ho Van Lang, 42, and Ho Van Thanh, 82, were brought out of the deep forest on Wednesday.

According to a source described as a concerned agency, the two men were lost 40 years ago during the Vietnam War. A mine destroyed the family home, killing Thanh’s wife and two other children.

The father fled into the forest with his 2-year-old son and never emerged again.

Until Wednesday.

Some unnamed district authorities said that Ho Van Lang and Ho Van Thanh had lived out the last four decades without seeing or speaking to anyone else. As a result, they have mostly forgotten how to speak and wear nothing but loincloths made out of bark.

OK, I’ve had enough. What about you? This story seems to go back to one source, the Tuoitre News, which provides news from Vietnam in English. It does have some nicely dramatic photos.

Feel free to visit there yourself and see what you think about the pair of missing Vietnamese jungle men.

I think it’s fishy as a can of tuna. People don’t take 40 years to die of exposure in deep forest.

And it’s awfully hard to get lost alive and not see or be seen by anyone for 40 freakin’ years.

According to Info Please, Vietnam has a population of over 84 million people and a density of 672 people per square mile. The United States has a population of almost 300 million people and a density of only 84 people per square mile.

Ask fugitive bomber Eric Rudolph how long you can stay hidden in the forest eating nuts and berries. He lasted five years. And even then people knew he was there. He was raiding dumpsters among other things. Human beings can’t live on tree bark alone, ya know.

It would help Tuoi Tre News if some of those Vietnamese authorities mentioned in their story actually had names.

But even then I might be skeptical.

Earlier this year, another so-called jungle man who claimed to have lived in the forest for 45 years was discredited as a hoaxer.

In that case, Vietnamese man Dang Tan Ngoc assumed the identity of Green Beret Sgt. John Hartley Robertson, an American shot down over Laos in 1968. According to multiple media sources including the Telegraph, FBI fingerprints showed that Dang wasn’t Robertson.

But before the frenzy died down, filmmaker Michael Jorgensen had already taken the bait and filmed the documentary Unclaimed to tell the fake Robertson’s story.

I could be wrong. I would be delighted to get any new evidence or information.

But I have a hunch that Vietnam’s new pair of missing jungle men Ho Van Thanh and Ho Van Lang would also like a movie deal.

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