550 David Hasselhoff 'Iced Hoffee' Signs Stolen, Store Worker Injured During Chase

A total of 550 David Hasselhoff "Iced Hoffee" ad signs have been stolen by thieves who can't get enough of the Hoff.

The former Baywatch star recently posted for the new iced coffee drink from Cumberland Farms and the intentionally cheesy cut out posters have become a huge hit.

Recently a Cumberland Farms store clerk in Connecticut was injured when they tried to stop a thief from stealing two of the David Hasselhoff signs.

The worker noticed a man getting out of a black SUV and cutting down two of the Iced Hoffee signs from a pole. The man approached the SUV when he was run over, dragged behind the vehicle, and then flipped onto his head.

The employee who has not been identified at this time is listed in critical condition at Bridgeport Hospital.

Police are still searching for the SUV, which contained two men and a female passenger. Investigators are asking anyone with information to call local law enforcement.

550 of the signs have been stolen from stores located all over the Northeast according to various published reports of the thefts.

The Iced Hoffee signs appear to be hot items for personal use as not many of them are appearing on auction sites or other sellable locations. A few of the signs have appeared to concerts and other public gatherings.

David Hasselhoff - Iced Hoffee Sign

Are you surprised by the massive David Hasselhoff theft ring for his Iced Hoffee cut out posters?