Boyfriend Fakes Drowning To End Argument With Girlfriend

A boyfriend decided to take the drastic measure of pretending to drown in order to escape an argument with his girlfriend.

The man faked his own death after he got into a heated exchange with his beau while they enjoyed a walk near a lake in Anlu, Hubei Province, China.

He was thought to have drowned for around two hours, but he then finally emerged and informed police that he had in fact just faked the incident in order to scare his girlfriend during their dispute.

After searching for 120 minutes, police eventually found the man, whose identity hasn’t been revealed, at home watching television. According to the Chutian Metropolis Daily, Police had spent that period searching for his carcass in the local river.

Witnesses to the incident, which occurred on August 20, told officers and various media outlets that the couple had been spotted arguing intensely as they progressed along the river.

As their exchange became more intense he then suddenly decided to leap into the water and simply vanished under the water. After waiting for him to reappear, the woman became more and more concerned, before finally seeking assistance.

The man’s girlfriend then called authorities, before explaining the situation, adding that her boyfriend had failed to reemerge within her eyeshot.

Rescuers then embarked on a two hour search for the man. However, part way through their efforts, they were then informed that he had been spotted crawling onto dry land a little further down the river, before returning home, taking up a place on the sofa and watching television.

The man was apparently renowned for his skills as a swimmer, and he is also able to hold his breath underwater for an exceptionally long amount of time.

When policed questioned him he revealed that he took part in his prank to escape his nagging girlfriend. Police have yet to confirm whether or not they will press charges against him for faking his death.

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