Amy Stiner, Melissa Moyer Rescued; Then Drown By Mistake

Amy Stiner, aged 37, and Melissa Moyer, aged 38, drowned when they drove their minivan into the ocean after a hike in Maine State park. A pit bull mix dog was with them and also drowned in the vehicle.

Stiner was seven months pregnant at the time of the tragic accident when she took a wrong turn and inadvertently drove off of the road and plunged into the water.

Washington County Sheriff, Donnie Smith, spoke to the Kennebec Journal about the fatal drowning:

“The end of the road becomes the boat landing and they just weren’t familiar with it. It was foggy and rainy and they literally drove off the boat landing right into the water.”

Amy Stiner did call 911 at around 9 pm to report that she and Melissa were trapped in their vehicle and that it was filling up with water.

Rescue services, including the U.S. Coast guard and the Maine Marine Patrol, tried to rescue the woman by using GPS data they got from the police.

Sadly the rescue effort was in vain as the car had already been underwater for some time when it was located.

Amy’s friend, Melissa who was from Sunbury, Pennsylvania, was visiting her when the two went for the hike which ultimately lead to their death. Earlier in the night the pair had called for help, when they got lost in the Maine State Park.

Following that call for help, Amy Stiner and her friend were rescued by an off-duty firefighter who took them to a house where they waited to be picked up by a game warden. They were then returned to their minivan.

Amy’s dad, Charlie “Kid” Rarig, spoke to reporters about the tragic death of his pregnant daughter: “I got a phone call from her mom, said she’s gone. I thought it was a dream, nightmare.” He continued: “This is really hard on me, hard on everyone. It’s going to be a life changer.”

The untimely death of Amy Stiner and Melissa Moyer is being mourned by their family and friends. Marine and state authorities will be looking into ways to prevent future accidents like this from occurring. A full investigation is currently underway by local authorities.