Female Bus Driver Brawls With Non-Paying Passenger [Video]

Another driver vs. passenger bus brawl has been captured on cell phone video while those on board stood by and watched.

In this case, a female bus driver administered a beatdown to a female passenger who allegedly refused to pay her fare. The driver had a large bunch of keys in hand at the time and appears to be using them in her punching hand. Warning: Offensive language.

So far, no information has emerged as to where this took place or whether there were any arrests/disciplinary action. As many commenters have pointed out, with all the cell phones cranking away during the confrontation, hopefully at least one of the passengers took a moment and called the police. And maybe someone could have pitched in and paid the woman’s fare to avoid the situation escalating into violence. We will update this story if or when details emerge.

There have been other driver-on-passenger incidents. Last November, a bus driver in Baltimore got into a wild physical altercation with a high-school student apparently over loud music, and the driver was suspended after the video hit the internet. Both of the combatants were female.

In October, a male driver delivered an uppercut to a female passenger after an argument over bus fare. This incident occurred in Cleveland, and the video of it went viral. In case you were wondering what happened in that incident, the woman was subsequently sentenced to 30 days in jail (27 of those days suspended) for disorderly conduct. A fine and a requirement to attend anger management counseling was also part of the sentence. The driver, who had already been fired from his job, received a sentence of 90 days in jail — 87 days of which were suspended — a fine and a probationary term of three years.

Do you think that public transportation is becoming more dangerous or is it just that there so many smartphones around to record acts of violence?

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