Brooklyn Glass Shower Allows Neighbors To Watch Residents Bathe

A Brooklyn couple have surrounded their bathroom with glass walls, which allows their neighbors to have access to them while showering.

Julie Scelfo, a New York Times interior design journalist, and her husband, James Cavoli, who is a lawyer, have added the bathroom to their $2.1 million brownstone in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, New York.

It was designed by architects, Incorporated, and allows residents who leave near their house to have direct access to the shower while they bathe. Neighbors have since complained that it is inappropriate for Scelfo and Cavoli to have such a gaudy shower.

They have also complained that the couple’s redesign of the apartment doesn’t fit with the area’s design. Cobble Hill is a region of the city that is layered in literary history, previous residents have included Truman Capote, Martin Amis, and Arthur Miller, and offers tremendous views of Manhattan.

Residents have started to voice their opposition to the shower, with one noting, “I don’t think it’s appropriate, especially in a neighborhood where a lot of kids go to school just down the block.”

Another remarked, “I feel bad for the neighbors, just because depending on who lives there you know?” Another then added, “I certainly wouldn’t mind having a look depending on who’s taking a shower.”

While another resident noted, “the other neighbors are all talking about it. You can’t miss it. I think we all thought it was a joke or that there would be curtains, or that it wasn’t really a shower. But it is. And there’s another shower in the window directly above it.”

It still isn’t clear if the couple have moved in yet, however the story took a further twist when it was revealed that Scelfo once wrote a piece entitled, “Window Watchers in a City of Strangers,” which saw her remark that voyeurism could help build a sense of community within New York City.

Could you bathe in a glass shower?

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