Gregory Kloehn Converts New York Dumpster Into Apartment

A designer has turned his local dumpster into his new home, and it even possesses a kitchen, bed, bathroom, and a sun deck too.

Gregory Kloehn, whose website states that his work is “about taking the grandeur of the world and mixing it with social irony,” is based in California but when he travels to New York he uses his Brooklyn dumpster.

Discussing his new place of residence, which is in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn, Kloehn told HGTV, “It just hit me. I thought hey, this is the perfect shape for a home.”

Kloehn has made some incredible changes to his dumpster. He’s added wheels to the bottom of it so that he can move it around easily anda six-gallon water tank on the roof, and he’s even created a door that he has carved into the side for easy access. His toilet and shower is also run by the water tank.

There is also a small seating area inside, plus he has decorated the interior with fashionable black and red paint. Sleeping is a problem because he can only just fit inside when he lies down.

The kitchen area of his dumpster is in one corner, and it includes a mini stove and microwave, both of which are run on electricity. Kloehn has also placed a retractable roof on top of the dumpster, which exposes windows and allows him to bask in the glory of the sunlight.

Meanwhile, when he wants to eat outside, he can also use his small grill which is attached to the side of the dumpster. There is also an umbrella on top of his makeshift abode that provides shade.

Kloehn told HGTV, “I think [passersby] are just surprised that someone would take something like this and spend enough time to make it a home.”

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