Khaled Mohsen Shaeri: 1,345 Pound Man Lifted By Crane Out Of House At Government’s Expense

Khaled Mohsen Shaeri, a 20-year-old suffering from morbid obesity, had to be extracted by crane and airlifted by a special plane to get to the surgeons who could help him. The Jazan, Saudi Arabia man weighs 610 kilograms — around 1,345 pounds — which is close to the world record weight for a human being.

According to a report in Arab News, Khaled Mohsen Shaeri lost his ability to walk because of his size. On Sunday, Health Minister Abdullah Al-Rabeeach announced the multi-agency mission to rescue and treat Shaeri.

By Monday, the forklift was ready to go. The operation demanded the services of health, civil defense, and military staff. Together, they moved the 610-kilogram man from his second-story apartment and into the bay of a Saudi Civil Defense aircraft. He then flew with an expert medical team to Riyadh to the hospital that will perform his weight-loss surgeries.

Airlifting a 1,345 pound man is no joke. But Shaeri’s weight has reportedly blossomed uncontrollably over the past two years as a result of an illness only described as morbid obesity.

Al Arabyia said that the king had actually ordered the treatment some time earlier. However, the medical officials said they had to order a special bed and crane from the United States before they could safely make the move.

As of late Monday, Shaeri was undergoing surgery to remove 80 kilograms (176 pounds) from his stomach as a first step toward his recovery.

I have to admit that I wouldn’t have believed this particular story without some evidence.

However Reuters India has published a slideshow of pictures of Khaled Mohsen Shaeri being moved that you can see by clicking the link.

And there’s this thought:

Well, maybe it wouldn’t be a news story in some countries. But to Americans, who are still in the middle of a historic struggle for universal health care, it’s mind-boggling to see how far the government of Saudi Arabia is prepared to go to help the 1,345 pound young man.

Too many people in America would be ready to blame the victim for the illness of morbid obesity. But Khaled Mohsen Shaeri’s government is sparing no expense to get him the medical help he needs.

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