Dave Chappelle As Prince On ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ In Floppy Bow-Tied 1980s Blouse [Video]

Dave Chappelle is Prince complete with purple jacket and 1980s frou-frou blouse on the cover of Breakfast Can Wait. Hit that button for a tiny clip from the new single, which is available now.

The 55-year-old Purple Rain singer recently discovered Twitter. Now Prince has been on a real publicity push to get the word out that he’s got new music coming.

Based on the clip, Prince has something of a retro sound coming.

Back in the day, the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince could be a little outrageous — and part of his charm was his ridiculous, over-the-top costumes.

The 39-year-old comedian is well-known for his funny sketches of iconic but easy-to-spoof singers like Prince and Rick James.

Billboard pinpointed the source of the Dave Chappelle as Prince photo used for the Breakfast Can Wait cover art. They said it comes from a Chappelle Show skit called True Hollywood Stories – Prince episode that aired in 2004 on Comedy Central.

Apparently, Prince is a Dave Chappelle huge fan if he kept the sketch in mind for almost a decade before using it as his new Breakfast Can Wait cover art.

On the other hand, that big blouse would admittedly be fairly hard to forget.

One popular gag involved Dave Chappelle playing Prince in the jacket and flowy, floppy bow-tied blouse as the singer pursued basketball stardom.

Here’s one of the Prince early test tweets:

Here’s Dave Chappelle as Prince wearing the blouse during his time as a basketball star:

Here’s a quick look at many more Dave Chappelle imitations including, of course, a brief flash of Prince:

So it’s good to know that Prince has a sense of humor about Dave Chappelle.

[thumbnail photo of Dave Chapelle as Prince via 3rdEyeGirl Twitter]