Teenager’s Breast Surgery Goes Wrong, She’s Now Fighting For Her Life

An 18-year-old teenager is currently fighting for her life after she failed to wake up from her breast surgery in Miami, Florida.

Linda Perez is now in a coma after she failed to wake up from the anaesthesia, after undergoing an hour-long operation. Her family have even been informed that Perez’s heart came to a stop during the procedure, and she was “effectively” dead as she was taken to hospital.

However, it has now emerged that the anesthesiologist who worked on Perez’s surgery spent time in prison after he illegally sold pain pills over the Internet.

Dr Mario Alberto Diaz illegally sent out 53,000 doses of pains pills, which saw him incarcerated in 2006.

Mariela Perez and Fernando Izquierdo, the parents of Linda Perez, have now called for an investigation into the clinic, that is located in the Coral Gables, Florida.

Fernando remarked, “A young girl so full of life, healthy, and now she’s just thrown in bed, like a vegetable. It’s sad. It’s sad.”

He then added, “She went to get her breast done. She entered the clinic, and she came out worse than ever.”

Perez, who is the mother to a three-year-old son, researched the cosmetic center before she went into surgery, and even though it was located above a pet grooming salon, she still proceeded with the operation due to its cheap price.

Her parents were informed of her condition after she had been transferred to hospital, and they also claim that the clinic didn’t provide them with any information regarding their daughter.

Fernando went on to state, “They just ruined our daughter’s life and this isn’t even compared to the pain we are feeling. Right now we are thinking of how many families have gone through this, what’s happening to us and what could happen.”

[Image via Marko Poplasen/Shutterstock]