Breaking Bad iTunes Fans Forced To Pay Twice

Breaking Bad fans who are watching the hit show through iTunes have been forced to pay twice to watch the final eight episodes of the season.

Some customers purchased a “season pass” for the show’s fifth, and final, season, which had been split into two installments of eight episodes.

Last year, forward thinking fans of the show made the decision to purchase the “season pass”, which equates to one transaction that allowed them to download every episode of the show’s current season. Or so they thought.

They have now discovered that even though the pass is called the “season five season pass” and even though the episodes currently being aired are considered to be part of the firth season, this means nothing and they now have to pay full price for the remaining episodes.

iTunes have packaged the remaining installments by calling them, Breaking Bad: The Final Season, so they have been charged the full price to purchase them. This now comes to to $14.99 for the standard definition, or $22.99 for high definition.

Berne Campbell, a user in the Australian iTunes store, wrote, “iTunes wants us to pay twice. They should make people pay a third time to see the final episode while they are at it. The shareholders will be happy.”

US users have also reacted furiously to the revelation, with one user noting, “Guess what Apple? Season five IS the final season,” while another wrote, “When we purchased [season five] it never stated it was only half of the season and we’d have to buy again. Shameful tactic.”

Apple has so far failed to comment on the matter, while AMC, the broadcaster of the series in the US, confirmed that season five is made up of 16 episodes, and that they made the creative decision to split them into two eight hour sessions.