Devious Maids Star Spills … Spoilers? [Video]

We recently learned that Devious Maids is returning for a second season… and no one is more thrilled than star Dania Ramirez.

After Devious Maids was picked up this month for season two, fans of the show were excited. And Ramirez was similarly thrilled, spilling to Yahoo about her love of Rosie and the characters’ development as the cast gears up for another shocking season.

Ramirez talked about what’s in store for Devious Maids, as well as her reaction to the renewal — when asked about the level of yelling when the good news came, she said:

“Oh, there’s always screaming involved with this business [laughs]. Honestly, we are beyond excited, but I knew from the beginning this was something really special and I’m so grateful for all the support. I had a blast making the show, I made great friends and, honestly, the reason why we got a second season is because that chemistry shows. It was a special project for all of us.”

The Devious Maids star also talked about Rosie’s growth in the eight episode long inaugural season, saying:

“She’s this emotional being but full of strength. She’s faced so many obstacles early in her life, even just coming to America to try and work. All of that takes a lot of courage, but at the same time she’s in this melodramatic, insane world that allowed me to make her funny and witty. Love and friendship and family are the most important things to her, but she’s so daring and does so many things that you wouldn’t expect. Her unpredictability has been the most fun.”

In her Devious Maids dish sesh, Ramirez admitted that the maids are “essentially good people, but they do get corrupted a little bit.” She also revealed that “you will get a payoff with Rosie’s storyline, in terms of her son, by the end of season one.”

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