Game Of Thrones Actor ‘Enjoyed Every Moment’ Of The Red Wedding

Game of Thrones devastated countless scores of fans with the climax of the penultimate episode of Season 3, titled “The Rains of Castamere.” But one of the show’s main actors said he “enjoyed every moment” of the Red Wedding.

We should be beyond spoiler alerts for the Red Wedding by now, so when we say that the climax of Season 3 saw pretty much all of the good guys brutally killed in one sitting, you probably already know that (and hate being reminded).

But people are still talking about the gut-wrenching scene months after the episode aired, including several of the actors who played key characters in the massacre. At a recent Television Critics Association panel, actor David Bradley said that he, for one, “enjoyed every moment of it.”

Bradley’s name might not be as familiar to you as that of the character he plays in the HBO adaptation of Game of Thrones: Lord Walder Frey.

“I enjoyed it rather too much, actually,” Bradley said of the scene, adding that he is also enjoying his new-found notoriety from the role.

“I get fans stopping me and telling me what a bad man I am,” he said, laughing. “I got a lot of that at Comic-Con. I’d tell them, ‘Sorry, mate.’

There’s another ramification for him, as well.

“I suppose my wedding invitations will dry up, too. I’ll have to live with that,” he said.

But he says he has also found some new fans from his role on the show.

“I’m not exactly watching my back. Most people, there’s a twinkle when they admonish me. And I’ve watched a lot of footage on YouTube of people’s reactions to watching me,” he said.

He also has fans from several other big-name franchises to help even out the bad fan juju he might get for playing the treacherous Lord Walder Frey. You might also recognize him as Hogwarts caretaker Mr. Filch from the Harry Potter films, and he is involved in an upcoming film about the creation of Doctor Who.

At 71-years-old, Bradley seems pretty content and a lot more pleasant than the villainous characters he’s known for playing, but he says there’s only one major difference in his personal life now that he’s so iconic from Game of Thrones. “I seem to meet more people than I did,” he said.