Lady Gaga’s ‘Applause’: Official Music Video Finally Arrives Online [Watch]

Fans who’ve been patiently awaiting the arrival of Lady Gaga’s Applause music video currently have a very good reason to celebrate. The clip officially arrived online this morning (August 19).

The video you see embedded above isn’t straying too far from what you’ve probably seen from the singer in the past. The clip features an abundance of posing, mugging, and artsy pseudo-nudity set to the tune of her latest EDM-infused single.

Following reports last year that the singer had gained quite a bit of weight, Lady Gaga seems eager to show off her slim figure in the Applause music video. In fact, the musician leaves very little to the imagination.

In some shots sprinkled throughout the clip, the only thing standing in the way of Lady Gaga’s naughty bits are some carefully-placed sea shells. Although it’s definitely a risque video, it’s doubtful many will feel she’s breaking new ground.

Following an extremely rough weekend filled with rumored feuds and flopping singles, the singer appears ready and willing to get down to business this week. In a recent post on Twitter, Lady Gaga revealed that she’s pretty pumped to start doing television interviews once again.

“I know this sounds weird but, I can’t believe I’m gonna be on TV today for an interview! It’s been so long, I can’t wait to see your smiles!” she tweeted to her legion of followers.

What do the singer’s fans think of the Applause music video? You can find a handful of their Twitter reactions below.

@ladygaga the video is literally flawless!

— Jacob (@stateofartpop) August 19, 2013

is that i never loved @ladygaga this much or i just miss her so bad? she's looking so tempting in the video. #ApplauseTODAY

— click clack away_ (@chengxuann) August 19, 2013

I dont care what anyone else says just watched @ladygaga new video and she can dance! #mindblown

— Maliik Rich Roman (@MaliikReeves) August 19, 2013

What do you think about the music video for Lady Gaga’s Applause?