Amtrak Hits Man At 110MPH, Amazingly He Survives

A high-speed Amtrak train hit a man while traveling at 110MPH, and the victim has remarkably survived.

Darryl See, 22, was struck in Michigan on Friday as the Amtrak train headed towards Chicago.

The train’s conductor attempted to alert Darryl to its presence, but he was listening to music at the time and failed to hear several blows of the Amtrak horn.

While the man survived the massive train accident, he was still rushed to Memorial Hospital in South Bend where he had a plate inserted in his neck because of several crushed vertebrae.

LaPorte County Police spokesperson John Boyd tells the Northwest Indiana Times: “The conductor said it was a straight-on hit.”

Boyd explains to NBC Chicago:

“It was absolutely amazing. I’ve seen a number of people get hit by trains and it’s never a good thing.”

According to the official report, Darryl See was thrown at least 20 feet from the track when he was hit by the Amtrak train.

Police at this time have only estimated the trains 110MPH speed. Regardless of the actual velocity, being hit by a train typically ends with tragedy. Boyd says, over his entire career, he has never witnessed this type of relatively positive outcome.

The man’s grandmother tells the Northwest Indiana Times that he does not remember being hit by the train. She claims he woke up on the side of the track and remembered nothing before that point.

Do you think Amtrak needs to put better safety measures into place along its various routes?